Wikipedia article traffic statistics

Frequent questions

Q: What does the stats measure?
A: Page views.
Q: Where does the data come from?
A: Domas Mituzas put together a system to gather access statistics from wikipedia's squid cluster and publishes it here. This site is a mere visualizer of that data.
Q: What is the logic for redirects and when a page gets moved do the stats move?
A: It counts the title the page was accessed under, so redirects and moves will unfortunately split the statistics across two different statistics pages.
Q:Is the data reliable?
A: It is easily susceptible to deliberate attacks and manipulations, but for most articles it should give a fair view of the number of views. I wouldn't base any important decisions on these stats.
Q:I have another question or comment!
A: They should be directed at User:Henrik on Wikipedia.

About these stats. The raw data is available here. This is very much a beta service and may disappear or change at any time.